Who Is The Father of Amber Heard Daughter? Introducing Oonagh Paige

Who Is The Father of Amber Heard Daughter? Introducing Oonagh Paige a household name in Hollywood due to her roles in movies such as “Aquaman”, stepped into the realm of motherhood in April 2021. Oonagh Paige, Amber’s precious daughter, arrived via surrogacy after medical advice suggested she couldn’t carry her own children.

Who Is The Father Of Amber Heard Daughter? Introducing Oonagh Paige
Who Is The Father Of Amber Heard Daughter? Introducing Oonagh Paige

Actress Amber Heard surprised many when she announced the birth of her daughter, Oonagh Paige, in 2021. This arrival, made possible through surrogacy, was due to medical reasons.

Summary of who does amber heard have a child with

Detail Information
Birth of Oonagh Paige April 2021
Method of Birth Surrogacy
Amber’s Statement “She’s the beginning of the rest of my life.”
Father’s Identity Not publicly revealed
Depp vs. Heard Case Took place in 2022
Outcome of the Case Johnny Depp not confirmed as the father

Amber Heard’s Decision for Surrogacy

Page Six highlighted Amber’s courageous choice of surrogacy. This decision came about after she received news from medical professionals that she wouldn’t be able to bear children. Her transparency regarding Oonagh’s birth via this method was commendable.

Amber was clear about her wishes. “I wanted a child, but on my terms,” she expressed, reinforcing her determination to provide a loving environment for Oonagh.

Birth of Oonagh Paige

April 2021 saw the birth of Oonagh Paige. This special moment was entirely credited to surrogacy, ensuring Amber could experience the joy of motherhood.

With her birth, Oonagh became the focal point of Amber’s universe. Her statement, “She’s the beginning of the rest of my life,” echoed her sentiment.

Introducing Oonagh Paige Heard

Amber’s joy, Oonagh Paige, possesses a striking resemblance to her mother. With a captivating combination of dark hair and blue eyes, she is truly a sight to behold.

Amber frequently mentions Oonagh, stating, “She is the light of my life.”

Father of Amber Heard’s Baby

The buzzing question, “who does amber heard have a child with”, remains unanswered. During the infamous Johnny Depp trial, Amber mentioned her newfound motherhood, subtly hinting that Depp isn’t Oonagh’s father.

Oonagh Paige’s Identity

Oonagh’s unique name has Irish roots, translating to “lamb of the gods.” The middle name “Paige,” of English origin, means “young servant.” While many speculate connections to Amber’s heritage, the true inspiration behind the name remains a mystery.

Depp vs. Heard Case and Public Interest

The Depp vs. Heard case in 2022, augmented by the Netflix documentary “Depp vs. Heard,” stoked public curiosity. Many hoped for clarity about Oonagh’s paternity. However, the trial wrapped up without offering any substantial answers.


Amber Heard’s journey to motherhood was unique, shaped by her decision to opt for surrogacy. While questions about Oonagh Paige’s father persist, what remains clear is Amber’s undying love for her daughter. For those intrigued by Amber’s path, her Instagram offers further insights.


Q: When was Oonagh Paige born?
A: April 2021.

Q: How did Amber Heard have her child?
A: Through surrogacy, after receiving medical advice about her inability to carry a child.

Q: Is Johnny Depp the father of Oonagh Paige?
A: Based on Amber’s statements during the Depp vs. Heard trial, Johnny Depp is not the father.

Q: What’s the meaning behind the name “Oonagh Paige”?
A: “Oonagh” is of Irish origin meaning “lamb of the gods”, and “Paige” means “young servant” in English.