Welcome to Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 2! In this week

you are welcome in Below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea Season 9, Episode 2! In this week’s episode, titled “Sneak, Sip, and Sink,” Elena and the crew learn to “Never Wake a Chef.” Captain Sandy sends Joe and Nathan to a nearby luxury yacht to see if they can beg, borrow, or steal some roses since the supplier has not arrived yet. After a dinner-table talk about fidelity and cheating in the yachting industry, Nathan and Gayle (who has a boyfriend) sneak off in search of “a little strawberry” on the boat. Here are some highlights from Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 9, Episode 2.

Never wake the chef

Welcome To Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 2! In This Week
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Last week the guests were drinking and wanted midnight snacks. Exhausted and inexperienced, Elena tried to wake the chef to help her, but he refused. He just spent almost 18 hours in the kitchen and needs his break. He has to wake up at six for breakfast, so no.

Deckhand Gael works the night shift, so she volunteers to make grilled cheese while Elena makes drinks. One of the guests also comes to help.

Finally, the guests have drinks and sandwiches, so everyone is happy. I just hope they clean the kitchen. The chef will not be happy to find a mess when he needs to prepare breakfast.

Finally, Elena goes to bed at 6:30 a.m., just as the rest of the crew wakes up for the day. Juno is proud of himself for standing firm and refusing to give in to pressure.

When Ayesha says hello to Juno, he tells her what happened last night. “Eli came,” he says. “She asked for macaroni and cheese, and I said, ‘No, I’m sorry, I can’t… I was getting up this morning at 6:00.’ I couldn’t.”

Aisha reminds him that “late night snacks” were specifically requested on their preference sheets. Recalling the preferences meeting, Juno says: “If there are any cooked snacks, I will take care of them.” Sorry. Caught! Aisha suggests that in the future he could prepare something in advance for Elena to warm and serve.

As for Elena, she does not sleep until 6:30 in the morning.”[A stew] “You should never sleep more than an hour after guests,” Aisha says in her confessional. “If she was with them all the time, she wouldn’t get anything done.” She cautiously hopes that as time goes on, Ellie will continue to learn and improve.

Still no rose

Welcome To Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 2! In This Week
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Captain Sandy and Aisha text the supplier to see if they can get some wine. The provider says he can get it to them “later this evening”, which is completely unacceptable. Are these people supposed to be professionals? They don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation.

Sandy calls Juno to the bridge and says she heard there was a problem last night with guests wanting to eat late at night. “I will address that in the meeting,” she says. “When you go to bed, you’re down.” It is okay to wake up the chef if he has just come down or is on a break. But if he is asleep for a period of time, it is forbidden. She also suggests he prepare snacks in advance for weeknight soup.

Meanwhile, Sandy receives a text message from the incompetent service provider. “Do you still want wine delivered at 5pm today?”

“It’s too late!” She responded to the text messages. “Our charter expires in 3 hours.” “They’re fired,” she muttered under her breath.

Excuse me neighbor, do you have anything? Gray boubon rose?

Welcome To Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 2! In This Week
Photo Credit: Fred Gagwino/Bravo

It’s the guests’ last lunch, and they specifically requested and responded to the lunch. Sandy suggests sending someone to the large luxury yacht anchored behind them and begging “nicely” for four bottles. It’s worth a try. Ian sends Joe to try to charm the other boat out of some wine. It’s the yachting version of borrowing a cup of sugar.

Sandy says to Joe, “Meet me at the bridge, and I’ll give you some money.”

Joe pulled over to the side of the yacht and addressed the officers who were looking to the side, “We need four bottles of rosé. What do we have to do to get that from you? Name the price and we’ll put it in your pocket.”

When the captain offers at least €75 a bottle, Joe replies: “What if I see the brand, and it’s only £20?”

“If you’re interested, fine,” the captain replies. “Otherwise we’ll be out of here in a minute.”

Finally, Joe accepts the deal, hands over the money, and shakes hands with the captain, who seems somewhat familiar to him. Is Captain Lee doing overtime in the Greek Islands?

The end of the Anarchist Pact

Welcome To Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 2! In This Week
Photo Credit: Fred Gagwino/Bravo

Bree struggles with laundry. One of the guests lost some items of clothing, and the third stew couldn’t find them. Eli is keen to tell Aisha (the chatty tale), but the head stew works to be positive. She doesn’t want to be endlessly annoying, so she tries to give praise wherever she can to build confidence in her green coat.

Despite all the difficulties in getting supplies, the guests were cheerful when they disembarked. Primer particularly praises Juno’s food and shakes his hand in appreciation. He admits they were disappointed by the lack of provisions and “some clothes were missing when they went to press”, but they had an “amazing” time otherwise.

At the advice meeting, Sandy tells them: “It’s easy to do well when things are going your way. When they’re not, and you still show up, that’s what people look for in a character.”

After congratulating the ship’s crew (“good job”) and Aisha for “driving nicely,” Sandy adds: “Never wake the chef.” She explains Juno’s plan to prepare paninis ahead of time, which can be heated late at night in the panini maker.

“No, Captain,” Eli interrupts. Uh oh, don’t do that. But it does. “It wasn’t just the panini. It was the whole thing, which is why I woke up the chef.

“Never wake the chef,” Sandy repeats. “Maybe on bigger boats, because they have more than one chef.” But not here. Did you understand it?

Tip is €13,000 ($15,000), $1,250 per person. Not bad for a short charter where nothing seems to go right.

Juno extends an olive branch

Welcome To Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 2! In This Week
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When he returns to work, Juno tells Ellie, “You just have to know never to wake me up again.” But he adds gently: “The lesson is that I’m going to set things up because I sympathize that you were in a crazy situation, and I don’t want that to ever happen to you again.”

That was very nice of him, but Ellie doesn’t take it that way, of course. I can see that she will hold a grudge and cause problems for herself.

As expected, she is upset because she did not get any sympathy. “What about the fact that I’ve been up for 25 hours? It was all about waking up Chef!” Bree tries to calm her down but she pushes her away. She’s probably tired from staying up all night and getting little sleep, but she’s losing her mind.

And she can’t let her go. She gave an interview saying, “I feel like Juno has affected the captain’s perception of me.” “It’s not Captain Sandy who’s making me upset. It’s Juno who’s making me upset. She’s got to get over it, or she’ll find herself bidding back to the dock.”

Nathan wants “some little strawberries.”

Welcome To Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 2! In This Week
Photo Credit: Fred Gagwino/Bravo

On the crew’s first night out, Gayle stepped out in street clothes, makeup and her hair wavy. It’s stunning, and Nathan is drooling.

“Gayle?!” “Holy shit, she’s attractive,” Nathan interviews. “She has a boyfriend. But I don’t owe loyalty to anyone.”

At dinner, Jo and Nathan tell Gayle: “We’re having an affair.”

“I think I’m having an affair with you too… I’m a rose between two thorns,” Gael says.

Aisha and Gayle have an in-depth conversation about how difficult it is to have a relationship in the yachting industry. “We’ll just have to see how it goes,” Gayle says.

“It’s interesting to say the least,” comments Nathan, who views Gayle as a challenge.

When they returned to the boat, Nathan asked Gael: “Will you accompany me?” She agrees, but the cameras follow them, so they return to their cabins.

As he was getting ready for bed, Gayle texted Nathan, “For the record, keep an eye on me.”

“Where should we meet without cameras?” He texted again.

“The right bow locker has no cameras,” she replies. “Let’s go there… Tell me when you get there, and if you get caught.”

“All this for a few little strawberries,” he replies.

“Maybe I like it, like very little,” Gayle interviewed. “Maybe I just want to spend time with him. I’m not hurting anyone.”

When you get the “all clear” from Nathan, you head up the stairs to meet him in the storage closet. how romantic.

He follows …

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