Watch: RHONJ Season 14, Episode 7 Preview

Get ready to cringe. The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 7 picks up where we left off last week, showing the aftermath of what happened Teresa Giudice An explosive confrontation with the Faddas family. naturally, John Fuda She called Teresa the “poster child for mortgage fraud,” and in a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, Teresa responded with some insults of her own.

Teresa vs. Vadas continues in the RHONJ Season 14, Episode 7, sneak peek

On RHONJ Season 14, Episode 6, John and Rachel Voda met with Teresa and Luis Ruelas to try to resolve their issues. John tried to demand an apology from Teresa. It obviously didn’t go well, so they ended up walking out of the restaurant and leaving Teresa sitting there trying to process what happened. She had a hard time understanding why someone’s husband would try to give her an ultimatum. What’s the name of this show again?

“He’s making a big, big, big mistake. “He’s messing with the wrong Teresa Giudice,” Teresa suggested.

In her opinion, John’s request for an apology was not justified. She felt that the Voda family owed her and Lewis an apology. In fact, they all owe viewers an apology for putting us through this toxic mess. Regardless, Teresa and Louis continued to throw shade at John and desperately demand that he apologize.

“This guy looks like a wannabe Tony Soprano,” Louis joked, to which Teresa replied, “He’s a wannabe gangster.”

Whether you want to call him a parking attendant, a drug dealer, or a wannabe gangster, John was extremely frustrated that he didn’t get the apology he was expecting. Outside the restaurant, John and Rachel get into their car, complaining that Theresa has let them down again.

“If it were a real apology, it would be sincere,” John said smartly to his wife.

“Did you notice that Lewis didn’t say a word?” Rachel asked. “He was going to let Teresa bury herself.”

It is clear that this dispute will not end any time soon. Without the traditional Season 14 reunion, we may never see any resolution between Teresa and the Vodas family. Unfortunately, this is just another day in New Jersey.

Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues on Bravo, Sunday nights at 8/7c.

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