Victoria and Kyle accuse Billy Lee of wanting Sandoval’s baby

The situation is unfolding between the Vanderpump Rules star Tom SandovalHis girlfriend, Victoria Lee RobinsonAnd his former friend Billy Lee chaotic. And now one of Sandoval’s closest friends, Kyle ChanHe also jumped in the mud.

Pump Rules fans saw Billy alongside Sandoval during season 11. She was one of his few supporters after the scandal. But now the former friends have ended their relationship after Billie made some shocking claims.

Billie denounced Sandoval’s new lady, Victoria Lee Robinson

Billie criticized Victoria on her podcast. Victoria was accused of believing that she and Tom were cheating. Tom Sandoval a cheater? Why would anyone think that? Billie also accused Victoria of moving her belongings as well as items belonging to Ariana Madix. Afterward, Bailey claimed that Victoria made Sandoval’s drinking worse, and that he was missing work commitments. Finally, she claimed that Victoria would read all of her boyfriend’s text messages.

Victoria and Kyle Chan speak out about Billy Lee’s allegations

Victoria and Kyle appeared on the YouTube show Up and Adam to deny Billy’s accusations. And they made some saucy ones of their own. First, Victoria responds to Billy’s claims that she’s not working, takes offense to her words, and is engaged.

“When I get really stressed or anxious or whatever I do, I mince my words. I don’t do drugs. It has nothing to do with anything like that,” Victoria said. “So hearing this is actually very interesting and upsetting for me.” “Do you know what I do all day? I take care of my father.” Her father lives with Victoria so she can take care of him because he has swelling on his brain.

Both Kyle and Victoria claimed that Billy tried to isolate Sandoval from them. They claimed Lee asked Sandoval to “give her” a baby. At first, Sandoval was “flattered” to be asked to be a sperm donor for a surrogate. amazing. He offered to be Lala Kent’s sperm donor as well. But just when Billy thought everything was fine, he became upset.

Sandoval also talked about the situation with Bailey. “Billy Lee’s false allegations toward Victoria Lee Robinson and Kyle Chan were intended to damage our friendships and relationships. Victoria, Kyle, and I all heard them on speaker phone as she made those accusations,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. Sandoval’s text note added that Billy’s claims about his girlfriend “were intended to To isolate me from my close friends for ulterior motives. It is no coincidence that she is doing this while I am out of the country and she is on tour. I will handle everything when I get back.”

I’m going to make my own popcorn.

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TELL US – Do you believe in Victoria, Kyle or Billy? Do you think Billie wanted Sandoval to be a sperm donor for her surrogate?

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