Paris Hilton shares insight into Sofia Richie’s new chapter as a mother

Paris Hilton Live for Sofia RichieMother’s era.

It’s been three weeks since the model welcomed her first child, a daughter named Eloisewith the husband Elliot Grainge-And Paris couldn’t be happier for the family.

“It’s very special” Endless icon The singer who was best friends with Sophia’s sister Nicole Richie For decades, he recently told E! News. “Motherhood is my favorite field and I have known Sophia since she was born.”

“Her baby, I saw a picture of her the other night, she looks just like her. She’s like a twin,” she shared of Eloise’s resemblance to her mother. “I’m so happy for her.”

Extra bonus? Their children will become best friends too.

Like Paris – a mother to her son PhoenixAnd his 16-month-old daughter London7 months with husband Carter Ream– He noted: “It would be interesting to experience this class together.”

“All our children will grow up together and be friends,” she continued. “I can’t wait until we can make all these memories together.”

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