Miranda Derek says that is her life "in danger" Follow the Netflix doc

Miranda Derek Sees the dark side of the Internet.

The TikToker has been at the center of attention since the May release of the Netflix docuseries Dancing for the Devil: The Seven Months TikTok CultHer family claimed that she cut ties with them three years ago after joining the talent management company 7M Films.

The organization that Miranda joined with her husband James Derrick– Founded by Robert Sheena Los Angeles-based pastor with ties to the controversial Shekinah Church.

“Before this documentary, my husband and I felt safe,” Miranda said in a June 10 Instagram video. “Now that this documentary has been released, we feel as if our lives have been put in danger.”

The 27-year-old went on to detail how she and James were followed in their cars, as well as the hate messages and death threats they received.

“One of them said, ‘If I see you on the street, I will come and kill you so you can have better security,’” she said. “One of them also said, ‘If I see you walking on the sidewalk, I’ll come over and shove you in the trunk of my car.’”

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