Inside Shiloh’s decision to remove Brad Pitt’s last name

Angelina Jolie and for example Brad Pittdaughter Shiloh She took matters into her own hands when she applied to change her last name.

On May 27, her 18th birthday, the fourth of the former couple’s six children petitioned a Los Angeles court to remove the “Pitt” part from her surname Jolie-Pitt and become known as “Jolie-Pitt.” Shiloh Nouvel Jolie. A source close to the matter told E! News June 2 that Shiloh hired her own attorney to handle the case and paid for it herself.

She is not the first of the six children of the actors to omit her father’s last name. At her sister’s Zahra19, she joined a sorority at Spelman College last November, introducing herself as Zahraa Marley Jolie During the inauguration ceremony.

In addition, several media outlets reported last month that the name of Angelina and Brad’s youngest daughter Vivian She is credited as “Vivien Jolie” in the playbill for the new Broadway musical Strangerswhich the 15-year-old helped produce with her mother.

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