How Sonny Lee and Simone Biles are supporting each other ahead of the 2024 Olympics

while Sunny Lee And Simone Biles Both are competing for a spot on the 2024 Olympic team, and the team has not lost its dynamic balance.

The 2020 teammates cheered each other on at the USA Gymnastics Xfinity Championships earlier this month.

“We always want what’s best for each other,” Sonny told E! Al Khabar in an exclusive interview. “We all want the same place, but we also support each other because we know the potential that another person can bring. We also understand the struggles and hardships that you have to go through every day to be here. So having the support and knowing that you can count on each other was “The most useful thing is something you don’t see very often.”

Simone sprang into action after Sonny did one and a half laps instead of the intended two laps and was unable to land during her championship jump. The four-time gold medalist – who suffered “sprains” at the 2020 Games – could be related.

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