Aly Michalka gives birth and welcomes her first child with Steven Ringer

Ali Michalka He walks in the sunlight.

the Ali and J The musician has welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Jack Franciswith the husband Steven Ringer The couple confirmed they were home on April 21.

“It was a very peaceful and quiet birth,” Ali said. the people “And that’s really what we were hoping for,” in an interview published on June 10.

But giving birth at home wasn’t always Ali’s plan. the Easy to The actress shared that she was trying to deliver her baby in a hospital with a “great doctor” before she met a midwife who made her realize her “perfect” experience.

“Every woman’s birth is really her own journey and choice,” Ali explained. “But I feel like our medical system interferes in ways that can be really harmful to women and very traumatic not only for themselves, but for their children as well. To me, it seemed like a great way to avoid that.”

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