Ancient legendary stories you will never regret reading

Everyone knows that reading stories of all kinds helps to develop a system of humane and moral values ​​in the reader and listener, whether he is old or young, and serves to create his awareness and help him distinguish between good and evil and distinguish between right and wrong. . and wrong, and it instills in him many ideal values ​​such as compassion, empathy, brotherhood, charity, love of others, tolerance and accepting other opinions with open arms, the stories open the reader’s eyes to the horizons of different worlds and other discoveries. the people

First: The Myth of the Woman with a Cleft Face:

One of the most dangerous ancient myths…

It was mentioned in an old legend, whether true or interpreted as true, that a woman was killed by her husband and that he not only killed her, but also dismembered her body. In the most horrible way he cut from his mouth to his ears!

Although he was killed, his identity erased, and his body buried and hidden, he returned in the form of a malevolent spirit that covers him nowadays with a mask that he wants to hide his features so that no one will recognize him, Or maybe she was sick and didn’t want to harm others but she hid her horribly split face.

He spoke only to children, and whenever he met a young, lonely child, he would talk to him and ask him, “Am I beautiful?” If she answered no and she was not beautiful, he would kill her and split her. If she answered that she was beautiful, he would remove the veil from her face: “Now what?!”

If she answers no and she is not beautiful, her body will be cut off alive and if she answers that she is beautiful, she will likewise have her face cut off from ear to ear.

Her fame became widespread among all people, and the only way to avoid this malicious woman and to avoid her evil was to not answer the child vaguely and openly, not to tell her that she is beautiful or not beautiful, like telling her you are average in beauty, or you are not beautiful. And you are not ugly either, then his heart will be confused and he will think about his answer for a long time and then the child will be able to escape.

It was also said that each child should be given a piece of candy and that if the spiteful woman walked out on him, she would throw the piece of candy, causing the child to drop first and collect the scattered pieces of candy. on the ground around him, thus enabling him to escape from her.

It was also said that if the child answered her question by asking her: “Am I beautiful?!”, then the woman would be confused and leave without asking her any more questions and without even knowing the answer to her question.

This myth was spread in a place called Nagasaki in Japan and its spread was so fast that it spread in the seventies of the last century and spread intense panic and fear among people in general. Later many things happened to the children, which were in a very horrible and unspeakable way.

In this era schools were required not to allow young children to return home after school unless an adult accompanied them, perhaps there is some truth to this horror story, so we must teach our young children and even adults not to tell strangers anything.

Second myth:

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The hero of this legend that spread in the city of Sydney, Australia was not a man at all, not even a genie, he was a Doberman dog, which his owner always left to guard the house.

One night, the couple went out for a romantic evening and when they returned home, they found their beloved dog suffocating. For the wife, she is strong, coherent, and took him to the veterinary clinic and saved the poor dog’s life.

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As soon as the wife brought the dog to the veterinary clinic and handed it over to the doctor, she rushed to her husband to examine him. They have to leave the house without being asked.

As a matter of fact, the couple went out and surprised the police waiting for them at the door of the house, panic struck their hearts and they did not know what caused all this noise around them and what caused it. All this fuss. A policeman approached them to answer their questions and put an end to all this confusion and anxiety that arose among them and he told them: “The dog was suffocating because it had swallowed a human finger and this finger was found by the vet. His throat may belong to a thief who is still present in the house, and your dog has done it to him.”

Police went to the house and found a man in a bloody state.

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