A fantasy short story called Magic Roses

Fiction is a type of literature in which events are often described as strange and unrelated to the reality around us, and such literature often spreads in stories and novels and has fans of all ages and spreads like wildfire. .

There is nothing more beautiful than a funny fictional story that takes you to a world that has nothing to do with reality, so that you find yourself on a journey away from all the problems of life to enjoy some time and renew your energy.

The story:

A fictional short story, but full of valuable lessons and advice…

Far away from the city in a forest lived a family with a father, mother and two very beautiful daughters, despite the poverty there was joy all over the place.

Father would go into the forest at dawn and hunt what he could, and do housework like mother.

Their life was full of love, kindness and happiness which was found in every corner of their beautiful little house. Everything in their life was going well for the father to protect his beloved family. He felt sad and sad to leave his family.

He left to his two daughters and his wife the cave in which he lived after defeating its evil power and driving his people out of the cave and selling the area around it to him, but they became homeless and abandoned land and homeland in exchange for money. Deeply regrets for doing.

The eldest dwarf was remorseful for what he had done, and felt such an overwhelming desire to avenge the man who had defeated him that throughout the year he had always thought of a way to get back, uproot the man and his family from the cave and the surrounding land, and End all lives.

Exit and Pain:

After his father left, his family became very poor, his wife made perfumes from flowers and roses and sold them in the city market and bought some household items.

His motive was malicious and his plan was to obtain money and the state treasury, he disguised himself as a merchant dressed in the most luxurious clothes and approached the king, who was worried about the state of his kingdom. So he decided to give him money and gold from the state treasury in exchange for the grain needed by the subjects, but he managed to charm the king with his magic tricks, stole all the money and gold and left.

The prince, the king’s son, was able to reveal what the dwarf had done, so he chased his horse after him, and indeed he overtook him, beat him, and managed to rescue his father’s treasure, the king. However, the dwarf managed to use his beard and cast a magic spell to turn the prince into a giant bear!

Fail Strategy:

The dwarf went to the deceased man’s wife and enticed him to leave the cave and the surrounding lands, and the wife understood the dwarf’s tricks well enough that she had defeated her husband’s will, and despite her poverty and all the tempting offers of the hidden dwarf, she did not give in. And he did not like… He abandoned his land, and the dwarfs were angry with him and wanted to harm him and his daughters, but the magic rose always protected them from his magic tricks.

Each time the dwarf fell into a trap that the bear had set for him in the forest, and the bear only aimed at the old dwarf’s beard until he was unable to use his magic tricks, and each time the two girls were able to save him. The trap cuts off part of his beard, and he becomes angry with the two good-hearted girls as soon as they rescue them.

Fraud and malice:

The dwarf again went to the king in disguise and told him that he had seen a dwarf in the forest transform into a huge bear, the king immediately ordered the bear to be killed to avenge his son, the missing prince, and they thought. The dwarf who killed him actually, the soldiers managed to seriously injure the bear, but the two girls were able to bring it to their home and even though he was a bear and a giant, they were able to talk to him and find out what he needed.

All the dwarf’s plans fail, and one day he comes to pluck the magic flower himself and end the lives of his wife and two daughters. However, the magic spell he used caused the roses to end his life. Offer to make love to the girl and after telling them what happened to her.

The mother told her two daughters that their father had died in the war, and a month after she left them she received a letter saying that she had been killed in the war for many years, and when the king saw the mother of the two daughters, he was struck by her great beauty. And because of wisdom and for the queen to save him and her two daughters fell in love with him, so he proposed that she should marry and he should marry her.

Happiness returns again:

After many years of sorrow and pain, happiness returned to the family, who ruled over all parts of the kingdom, was very wise, so he ordered the lands to be planted with crops for self-sufficiency, and they became pioneers. Exports essential oils to all parts of the world.

The king was very impressed with her and her two daughters and started admonishing them as he saw in them great wisdom and shouldering all the responsibilities and indeed the condition of the kingdom changed from extreme poverty to extreme wealth for everyone.

The coffers of the kingdom were filled with money and gold, and no sign of the evil dwarves was to be seen. The cave of the magical rose remained, and all the lands around it were full of all kinds of crops.

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