5 Very Amazing Religious Stories and Lessons

With every new day of life we ​​learn lessons and new things, and the most beautiful kind of stories and lessons are religious lessons from which we take great lessons and lessons about our true religion.

Each story carries a timeless and countless lesson, so it should be written as a reference for those who want to learn lessons, values ​​and meanings.

First story:

One of the most useful stories and lessons…

When “Uqba bin Amer” stayed in a house with his soldiers during the war, the people around him told him that it was not a house, so he asked them why, and he was told that it was a wild place. Beasts, Serpents, and Insects.

But our master “Uqba bin Amer” did not see a better place than that, so he went out after performing ablution and resorted to God Almighty and placed himself on a high place and addressed the wild animals and insects and said: “O wild! Animals… We are the soldiers of Muhammad, and we have come here to raise the flag of Islam to fight its enemies, if you support Allah and His Messenger, we will leave you. Otherwise, you will be gone until your position is clear to us.”

The narrator swears: “By Him in whose hand is my life, every mother goes forth with her child.”

Lions, beetles, and snakes came out, each taking his young, and raising the flag of Islam, left the whole house to Uqba bin Amer and his troops to fight the enemies of religion.

Second story:

It is considered as one of the most painful stories and lessons ever…

One day a missionary called and said, “O Sheikh, I have no fatigue, no weakness has come over me, my husband is in very good condition, and my children and everything around me are in good condition.

The Sheikh gave him a response that hurt him and asked him: “What sin did you commit fifteen years ago?!”

He was shocked by her question and said: “Sheikh, my husband’s mother was blind and one day when I was sitting on the ground and she was walking in front of me, I raised my leg and blocked her, causing her to fall. He fell on the ground and sustained severe injuries on his head, due to which he lost his life.”

The Shaykh said: “You see that Allah is so angry with you that He did not test you.”

Third story:

One day, a young man went to propose to a girl whom he knew to be of religious character, and during the legitimate visit, the girl asked him: “Have you memorized anything from the Holy Qur’an?”

The young man answered him: “I memorize only a little, but one day I want to memorize completely.”

He asked him: “What about you?”

The girl replied: “I memorized Juz Amma.”

The girl agreed to marry the young man when she desired his great goodness and honesty in her heart and after their marriage she asked him to memorize the Holy Qur’an for her.

The young man decided to memorize it together, and the first surah they started memorizing together was Surah al-Baqarah surahs continued one after the other until they finished memorizing the entire Qur’an and achieved Ijaz.

One day, when the girl was visiting her family home with her husband, her husband said to her father: “Your daughter has completely memorized the Holy Qur’an.”

Her father was surprised to hear her speech, he entered his daughter’s room for a while and came out with many certificates, which were his daughter’s approval for seven recitations of the Holy Qur’an.

The young man was amazed at what he saw. His wife memorized him with seven recitations before marriage, and she did not embarrass him, and most importantly, she led him by the hand. Cultivator, and refused to advance him even by a degree in good works.

Fourth Story:

One day, while he was working as a woodcutter in a forest, he was cutting wood into a pile before taking it to his house, when suddenly a young man rushed towards him in a fit of exhaustion. occupying his exhausted body.

When the young man saw the woodcutter and asked him to help him, someone was chasing him and wanted to kill him, so the woodcutter put the young man under a pile of wood and hid him well until he did. Seeing nothing of him continued his work.

After a while, the letter saw two men hurrying towards him and they asked him about a young man he had just hidden he told them plainly that he had seen him and pointed to him hiding under a pile of wood. The two men were surprised at his position and thought that he was wasting their time giving the young man time to escape, so they quickly ran to catch him.

When the young man went out after confirming their departure, he blamed the woodpecker who had agreed to protect and help him while at the same time pointing out his position with complete ease and said to him: “My son, if lies are a salvation, then Honesty is always a salvation.”

Fifth story:

After her mother decided to separate her from her fiance which lasted for two years and months before her marriage, she stood up for the first time in her entire life to defend her right to be with her fiance. with whom he loved. Despite the pain her daughter saw in her eyes, her mother remained steadfast in her decision to separate.

In an attempt to ease her daughter’s pain, the caring mother sent her a message on her phone while she was fast asleep in an attempt to escape her bitter reality…

My dear daughter, it hurts me to see you so sad, but I will be oppressed for the rest of my life, lacking security and happiness, if you continue with these toxic relationships of yours.

My daughter, throughout your life you have always had a strong personality and are not afraid of being blamed by anyone, but now I only see you shaking and lacking self-confidence, I am sorry to see you leave many nights of tears, your eyes, I am your mother. That I love you more than myself and I will never lose you for the rest of your life, I will heal all your wounds and you will come back better than ever you promise.

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