4 stories so cute and funny that you can’t control yourself

Funny stories have the greatest opportunity to provide happy, joyful moments that are close to all hearts. Most of us suffer from a lot of stress throughout the day, and a lot of anxiety, excitement and a charged atmosphere.

Laughter is considered to be the most effective and best way to relieve stress and anxiety. There is no doubt that funny stories are often loaded with important messages and information.

A smile means a lot to many of us, and it is possible to find people who are dear and close to our hearts because of their higher power to make us laugh even on our darkest days.

First story:

One day there was a manager of a very large factory, while the manager was walking around his factory asking about the condition of his employees, he found a young man leaning against the wall, standing idle.

The manager approached him and very calmly asked him: “How much is your salary?!”

The young man replied with surprise, “Five thousand, but why did you ask me this question?!”

So the manager took out his wallet from his pocket and gave it five thousand rupees to the young man and said: “I am giving money here for people to work, not to stand idly by. So, get out of here and don’t come back, and I have nothing to do with you today. No work, and I don’t want you to discuss anything.

The manager looked at all the workers around him and said to everyone in a threatening tone: “What I have done for the person who does not work hard, does not work diligently, applies to this factory, anyone who does not obey my order, we directly cancel his employment contract. Dev, without any argument or even discussion!”

Everyone in the factory was shocked by his actions, so his adviser came up to him and said: “Sir, do you know who this young man is that you just shot?!”

The director said, I don’t know.

His advisor told him: “That pizza delivery man, sir!”

Second story:

A woman entered a clothing store, and while the worker was putting away some items, the customer said: “Aunty… Aunty… How much are these?”

The worker answered her and was shocked to hear her: “Auntie?!” On what basis, aunt?! Am I your mother’s sister?!”

The customer replied: “No!”

He started again, saying: “I’m your grandmother’s daughter?!”

He replied in surprise: “No!”

The worker asked her: “Then why, aunt?!”

The customer said: “You are older than me.”

The worker was surprised and said, “Look, you are older than me, all the children were crying except you, we couldn’t hear your voice, but you drank drip coffee! “

The customer barely speaks, “I’m still young!”

The worker said: “You are as old as pins and needles, my dear.”

The worker kept saying: “I want you to shut your mouth, because the whole shop is on fire because of your shortness of breath.”

The customer replied in disapproval: “Why?!” Do you think I’m a winged dragon?!
The worker said: “I see you as nothing but a winged dragon.”

The customer kept quiet and did not say a word. He bought what he wanted from the store and did not return because of his fear!

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Third Story:

It is said that one day there was a man who fell in love with a very beautiful girl, and every day he decided to express to her how much he loved her, but he could not do what he wanted, so he decided to write. A letter to him, and immediately started writing two letters to him in the morning, one message and another in the evening, and sent them with his personal driver in the morning and evening.

The man remained in this state for two years, writing letters and sending them to the girl he loved, and finally he was able to decide to go to her and marry her. In fact, he prepared himself and was at the peak of his happiness and asked her: “Do you love someone?!”

The girl answered him frankly and clearly: “I am in love with a man who brings me two letters every day.”

How happy her heart was, she felt that her heart would burst out of its place, fly into the sky, so she told him: “I know you are in love with me, I am writing you two letters. Every day!”

So she slapped him on the cheek and said loudly: “Did I tell you that I’m in love with someone who doesn’t write me two letters? one day.”

The girl falls in love with the driver who brings her two letters every day!!

Fourth Story:

There was a young man who desperately wanted to get married, and although his father was very rich and expressed his desire to marry his son every night, he refused to help him with his large sum of money because of his desire to become her. Self-reliant and self-fulfilling.

One day, the son decides to ask his father to marry him and the girl he likes, so he puts a modern-style loudspeaker under his bed and as darkness falls, all the people around his father start talking to him, and he technology and Using modern means to change his voice, the father hesitated even for a second that the one who was talking to him late at night was a genie!

The next morning, the father did not sleep due to worry, fear and overthinking and he was surprised to see his son having breakfast that he wanted to marry him. The son told him with all politeness and modesty that he did not want to marry anymore, so his father held his hand. He vowed to marry her in a few days!

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